Tree of Light

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An exceptional bedside lamp

Tree of Light - a single, uniquely shaped and amazing work of art that is more than just a lamp. The sleek design features a thin cherry wood tone and brightness , which can be easily adjusted via touch controls on the base. In addition, our lamp has a built-in wireless charging pad, so you can charge any phone wirelessly!

Elegance meets maximum functionality

Tree of Light is more than just an ordinary lamp. She is a true all-round talent. You can use it to listen to music, charge your mobile phone and conveniently dim the light to your liking with our touch function.

Bluetooth speakers

With the built-in hi-fi speakers and thanks to Bluetooth 4.0, you determine the atmosphere. Whether for relaxation or to start the day perfectly. With this extraordinary lamp you no longer waste space and have everything in one lamp.

Inductive charging

Design and functionality combined. It was important to us to create a lamp that not only looks good, but is also functional. For this reason we have built an inductive charging field into the lamp. This allows you to charge any compatible device at the same time. Multiple cables for charging, for the speakers and the lamp are a thing of the past. All in one lamp. That was the claim for Tree of Light.

Why do our customers love this lamp?

✔  Dimmable brightness with simple touch function

✔  Bluetooth speakers for your favorite music

Wireless charging for your smartphone

✔ modern and unique cherry wood design

✔  Sleep function to switch off automatically after 30 minutes


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